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Project monitoring is a core area of our expertise. This is delivered by our experienced team of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and other experts. Every facet of project is included, from commencement to completion. Whatever the current stage of a project we deploy in depth professional monitoring and evaluation services to address the particular needs of individual projects and, where appropriate, its financial partners. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Avantgarde Engineering Services specializes in developing, constructing, managing, monitoring and maintaining
projects. This is delivered by our experienced team of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers and
other technical experts. Avantgarde Engineering Services offers a complete project management system that handles every facet of a project from commencement to completion. Our services include but are not limited to the

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We work with our clients and contractor to develop detailed plans for each project with clear objectives and interim milestones. We ensure that input from every stakeholder is integrated into the plan to achieve an all-inclusive set of project objectives that meet the broad approval of every stakeholder. The milestones serve as the basis for project monitoring.

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We perform detailed engineering and procurement for a range of facilities and related infrastructure. We utilize a wealth of expertise (from comprehensive project concept and front-end engineering design (FEED) to construction management) to ensure that your project comes in on time and within budget.

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We assist our clients in executing projects efficiently and with the supervision and co-ordination of all the contractors and consultants, ensuring that they conform to agreed milestones within the project’s plan. Periodic inspections, depending on the needs of each client, are carried out to ensure the projects’ progress in line with agreed milestones.

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We have multi disciplined experts devoted to the field of facilities management. Facility Management services coordinated by Avantgarde Engineering Services include; HSE Management, Maintenance, Operational, Tendering and Commercial Property Management.

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